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News Pros Short Story Sitcom – ALL 13 episodes


About the News Pros:

It’s a small town news studio with the most unprofessional “professionals” in the business, where the short filler broadcast is more entertainment than serious news.

The news, which is compiled by unpaid interns, is delivered by Rod Fritz, a narcissistic news anchor who lacks internal filters while on air, and the field reporter, Kate, who is a severe germaphobe. With the weather being delivered by the handyman and the untalented camera guys thinking they can produce “interesting” news, it’s a setting for a chaotic debacle.

The corporate owners, who are making money off the chaos, keep the studio underfunded and staffed with unqualified personnel to capitalize on the entertainment value with DVD’s, t-shirts, even action figures, while letting the crew, particularly Rod, believe they are news pros.

The short story sitcom – What we are calling a short story sitcom is a hybrid of story and screenplay. It’s a sitcom script put to story format, except for the character dialog.

The basic sitcom format remains, broken into sections like the cold open, acts 1, 2, 3, and ending. Most elements that you would find in a screenplay have been removed, such as camera angles, scene information, and crew notes.

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Ep01 Emergency Broadcast

Kate and Nigel are sent on a story to the local museum where Kate, a
germaphobe, is to report on an outbreak. Rod goes on a tangent over
the stories given to him, as Lidia accidentally broadcasts an emergency
signal, sending Rod further over the edge.

Ep02 The Weatherman

Kate interviews Dr. Milo, an animal psychiatrist, about his chicken studies
and conspiracies, a profession Rod refuses to acknowledge as credible.
Gordy takes over as the weather person, driving Rod to complain. Victor
shows his obsession with Dana by taking her personal belongings.

Ep03 Destiny Girl

Dana gets trapped in a maintenance room with Victor, where he reveals
why he thinks she is his Destiny Girl. With Dana absent, Rod tries to run
the show, insisting they don’t need Dana. Disaster erupts and Rod is
unable to handle it.

Ep04 Dumpster Germs

Kate falls into a dumpster and is panicking over the germs. Gordy tries
to help by using a chemical wash to disinfect her before the broadcast.
Dana becomes furious as she learns that Victor talks corporate into letting
him stand in for Kate.

Ep05 Anchor Wars

Rod injures himself and corporate allows Victor to fill in as back-up anchor.
Rod refuses to let Victor replace him and fights through the pain to take
the anchor position from Victor. Sally insists on helping Rod, asking to be
his assistant, making snarky remarks toward Dana who is seen as a threat
regardless of her lack of interest in Rod. Nigel is on medication that he is
not reacting well, causing him to have hallucinations.

Ep06 Action Dolls

Nigel finds that corporate has put out action figures of Rod and Kate. Rod
is furious, but still holds it as a victory over Victor, who doesn’t have a
likeness. Gordy is upset that he doesn’t have an action figure as the
weatherman. Kate is sent on assignment to interview Cosmic Bob, a well
known homeless man in the area.

Ep07 Sickly News

Everyone comes down sick, except Kate and Gordy. Kate refuses to take
off her medical mask and gloves. Gordy gives Lidia some old medicine
of his, which does not react well with her. Rod and Victor fight over who
is sickest and who gets the anchor seat. Sally tries to help Rod through
coffee, believing different flavors may help different symptoms.

Ep08 Fitness Folly

The whole crew visits a fitness center. Dana and Kate must deal with a
condescending aerobics instructor who has little tolerance for Kate and
her germaphobia. Rod attempts to talk to women using his anchor position
as a pick-up line and Victor says the wrong things to a group of large patrons.

Ep09 Self-help Psychology

A local psychologist shows up for an interview, someone just as narcissistic
as Rod, ensuring the two develop fast report. Gordy repeatedly quotes a
book by an inept motivational speaker driving everyone crazy with the
nonsense. Lidia wears a new sweater that is extra itchy, creating a
distraction during the broadcast.

Ep10 OCD

Through circumstances, it is revealed that Dana suffers from OCD, which
empowers Victor in his romantic quest believing he has a chance since
she isn’t “perfect” after all. Corporate sends snacks to prepare the crew
for announcements. Rumors fly about a potential take-over by another
news outlet.

Ep11 Murder Mystery

Tod creates a murder mystery style game that includes everyone. Sally
insists on making Dana the guilty character. Lidia insists that Victor, the
clown character, is the guilty party. She gets introduced to the concept
of waterboarding by Gordy as they threaten to interrogate the clown.
Gordy makes a dangerous confession on camera.

Ep12 Bygone News

Corporate insists that Rod do the interview with the head of the newspaper,
Bartholomew, who he insulted a week earlier. Rod is upset that Victor is
sitting in the anchor seat. Dr. Milo Visits Gordy and shows an interest in Kate.

Ep13 Sister Sister

Dana’s accident prone sister, Amy, comes for a visit. Nigel and Amy are
drawn to each other, which makes Dana nervous. Gordy convinces Victor
that Amy is a doppelganger planning on pulling Dana away from him.
Tod and Nigel reveal their self-made sci-fi movie, staring Nigel and Victor,
which is not looked upon well by the crew.


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